We manufacture

a range of building envelope products for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings;

Including single-ply roofing, rigid foam insulation, spray polyurethane foam technologies, architectural metal, HVAC hardware and sealants, below-grade waterproofing, and air and vapor barrier systems focused on the weatherproofing and thermal performance of the building envelope.

Commercial Roofing

Carlisle SynTec Systems has been the leader in the commercial single-ply roofing industry for more than 50 years. Carlisle SynTec’s product offering includes EPDM, TPO, PVC, and FleeceBACK® membranes, as well as a full line of accessories. The company also manufactures insulation, adhesives, primers, and membrane cleaners. Additionally, SynTec provides the building industry with metal roofing, coatings, sealants, vegetated roof components, skylights, pavers, and edge metal.

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Versico’s product offerings include EPDM, TPO, and PVC; in addition to roof garden systems and a complete line of insulation and accessory products. Versico is one of the top three single-ply roofing system manufacturers in the United States.

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WeatherBond offers easy-to install, competitively priced, and nationally distributed single-ply roofing systems. WeatherBond's product offering includes EPDM, TPO, and PVC membranes as well as a full line of accessories for each system.

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Hunter Panels has been an industry leader in the Polyiso roof insulation panels industry for more than 20 years. Hunter Panels also offers in-house tapered design for fast, accurate, and specification savvy take-offs.

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CCM Europe is the leading manufacturer of EPDM roof sealing sheets with market-leading brands that offer all architects, contractors, roofers, and distributors the right solution for virtually every sealing project be it flat roof, façade, or building.

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Architectural Metals

Drexel Metals provides a full range of superior-quality engineered metal roofing systems, equipment, perimeter edge metals, and custom fabrication services. In addition to our own manufacturing, we extend our fabrication capacities to our local DM-ARM members, who are authorized fabricators, certified installers, and distributors that further market Drexel Metals' proven-brand products; all site-certified by Drexel Metals’ industry-leading warranty programs.

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Petersen manufactures PAC-CLAD architectural metal cladding products in multiple gauges of steel and aluminum. PAC-CLAD products include standing seam roof panels, hidden- and exposed-fastener wall panels, flush- and reveal-joint panels, vented or solid soffit panels, perforated metal, coil and flat sheet, composite panels, column covers, plus fascia and coping. All are available in Kynar 70% PVDF finish in 45 standard colors that include a 30-year finish warranty. Most colors meet LEED requirement, and are rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council.

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Diversified Products

Insulfoam is the nation’s largest manufacturer of block-molded expanded polystyrene (EPS). Insulfoam offers a wide range of faced, laminated, and standard high performance EPS insulation products.

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Carlisle HVAC Brands encompasses Hardcast Duct Sealants and Adhesives, DynAir Airflow Hardware, and the Nexus 4 Bolt Flange Closure System. As an industry leader, Carlisle HVAC Brands supplies superior products and engineered solutions to ensure the sustainability of your HVAC system.

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Carlisle Roof Foam and Coatings offers a broad range of coatings and spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulations used in commercial roofing applications. SPF roofing systems are designed to provide a long-term, sustainable roofing solution that is seamless, watertight, and virtually maintenance-free. Acrylic and silicone coatings are used as a component of SPF systems and can also be used as standalone products to restore existing aged roofs.

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Polyurethane Systems

Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation (CSFI) is a leading manufacturer of spray polyurethane foam systems. CSFI is focused on ease of use at the point of application and ease of doing business throughout the customer experience. CSFI is proud to offer market-leading product availability through the SealTite™ PRO line of spray foam insulation products, which are formulated to provide the highest level of thermal protection in both residential and commercial applications.

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Carlisle Polyurethane Systems offers innovative high-performance polyurethane products that include binders, flexible and rigid foams, elastomers, casting resins, surface and specialty coatings, and adhesives. These systems span a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and consumer product applications.

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Carlisle TyrFil is the world’s first polyurethane tire fill material intended to flatproof tires. Today, Carlisle TyrFil is the leading global supplier of polyurethane tire fill and productivity technologies for Off-the-Road (OTR) equipment tires, OEM, and aftermarket – and can be found in over 65 countries. All of our product brands - TyrFil, TLC Tire & Rim Protection™, and ReSeal™ Tire Protection - are formulated to improve safety and increase productivity in demanding OTR applications, where operating equipment reliability is critical.

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Bullet Liner, a brand of Carlisle Polyurethane Systems, a visionary leader in the polyurethane products space, leverages a technology foundation that has been decades in the making. The result: HIGH CALIBER PROTECTION in the form of an impenetrable, sealant system that has become the Spray-on Bed Liner Industry Gold Standard.

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Weatherproofing Technologies

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing (CCW) offers high performance waterproofing and moisture protection products engineered for the demands of the 21st century building envelope. CCW offers technical services, research & development, and manufacturing capabilities from its headquarters in Wylie, Texas and two additional manufacturing facilities in Terrell, TX and Carlisle, PA.

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Carlisle WIP Products manufactures premium construction products for steep-slope and low-slope residential and commercial applications. Water and Ice Protection (WIP) self-adhering roofing underlayments and EZFlash products offer ideal solutions for protection against water and ice damming while withstanding some of nature’s most unfavorable weather conditions.

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Henry Company is a leading innovator of Building Envelope Systems and develops integrated air/vapor barrier, roofing and waterproofing systems to ensure superior building performance. For more than 80 years, Henry has been the trusted source for proven Building Envelope Systems.

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